Friday, March 20, 2009

A look at the book: "Aviation in Canada, The Pioneer Decades"

I thought it would be appropriate, to take a look at books that provide an insight into Canada's aviation history during this centennial of powered flight.
The first book is "Aviation in Canada, The Pioneer Decades", by Larry Milberry, published by CANAV books. The inside fly leaf gives a good description. "Aviation in Canada: The Pioneer Decades", is the first general interest book dedicated solely to Canada's beginnings. From an introductory balloon ascent in New Brunswick in 1840, daring "aeronauts" feel their way along at the edge of the unknown."

As highlighted in the December/January 2009 History Society Book Club:
"Aviation in Canada: The Pioneer Decades begins with ballooning in the 1840s, then proceeds to powered airplane flight culminating with the Silver Dart at Baddeck. All the efforts of Alexander Graham Bell and the Aerial Experiment Association are included, e.g. Baldwin's first powered flight at Hammondsport, NY in 1908, and McCurdy's historic flight at Baddeck in 1909. Then comes a flood of developments. Baldwin and McCurdy demonstrate their airplanes to the military at Camp Petawawa, other Canadians get “the flying bug”, the first great aviation meets occur at Montreal and Toronto in 1910, then the airplane gradually makes its way to cities and towns all across Canada."

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